Affirmations-You are What You Say!


You Are What You Say!

How many of you, while doing something you unconsiously say to your mind “You ruined it, you cannot do this, you’re useless”, I bet many of you, someone once said that our worst enemy is our own self!
and its true, whenever you repeat a phrase, your mind perceives it as true, lets say that you are making something that requires you to have steady hands, suddenly your mind says “My hands are trembling, I will ruin this!” and boom! you ruin it, just as your mind said! Changing this attitude towards yourself, will transform you!!!

Let me explain further! Its scientifically proven that our subconcious will absorb any phrase we repeat to ourselves and then perceive it as true. That means that whatever you say to yourself, it becomes you!
if you keep saying “I’m useless, I can’t make anything right” then thats what your subconcious enables you to do!
if you say “Today I will be happy” then thats what you’re gonna be, even if you need sleep just say loud “I don’t need sleep, I still have energy to do this thing” and see how your body will react!

Affirmations are phrases we can say, so we can make ourselves better, these phrases can be anything, you don’t need to say specific stuff, just say what you wish to say.

Every morning, go to a mirror, look at yourself, relax and say three times (or less or more, whatever you wish) a phrase that represents the solution to your problem, you NEVER say the problem, do not ever use negative phrases such as “I wish I wasn’t fat!” instead you will say “I can have a healthy and fit body easily, and I can keep a diet without any cravings”
you always say what you want to happen, not what you DON’T want!

I will give you some examples, remember these phrases are examples, you can use your own phrases, you don’t need to say these ones, but remember the rules, even if you make your own phrase, be positive, not negative!

Problem: I can’t Keep A Diet and I Always Crave Chocolate
Affirmation: “I will keep this healthy diet, I can keep this diet, chocolate is of no interest for me”

Problem: I Doubt Myself About Everything
Affirmation: “I’m capable of doing right ANYTHING I put my mind into, I do things perfectly and there is nobody who can make things better than me”

Problem: I Feel Ugly, I’m not Beautiful

Affirmation: “I’m beautiful, I’m unique, everybody sees that I’m attractive and feels good around me”

Problem: I Don’t Have Confidence

Affirmation: “I’m a unique creation, a beautiful soul inside a beautiful body, I can do everything I wish to do, I’m confident”

I think I gave you enought examples as to how to make your own affirmation!
I hope you liked this post!!!
Blessed Be!




How many of you have watched “Drop Dead Diva”? For those who haven’t I will explain a bit, its a tv show where a model (the woman in the blue dress in the pic) gets killed in a car accident, and then she goes to heaven where she refuses to accept she died, and press the “return” button and returns back as the woman in the left of the pic. Now she must accept the role of the new body she inhabited and face life with new challenges. Well in reality a walk-in is when a soul decides to leave a body and then another soul agrees to occupy this body and continue its mission.

We prepare our lives before we incarnate in our bodies, but sometimes we take more than we can handle, so our soul chooses to leave the body, and then another soul, agrees to continue the mission with that body. Our true self is our soul, so even though it might seem cynical, our bodies are insignificant, we are the souls, and bodies are our vehicles. So unlike the tv show “Drop Dead Diva” a soul won’t just pop in an empty body by coincidence or by mistake, only if the original soul decideds that it cannot handle the situation, a new soul is assigned to the same body. Now what happens after that? The original soul returns back to the spirit world and the new soul assumes the role of the body, everything that the original soul knew, now the new souls knows too, even the memories of the previous soul, will be imprinted on the new one, so it would be easy to continue. Before you get confused. Remember since the original soul leaves, then it leaves, so don’t assume that you are your body, you are the soul, and sometimes you ask the help of a friendly soul to take things in its hands because you can’t. Also sometimes a soul will leave a body and another will take its place because there are many souls and few bodies, and all souls need to incarnate so sometimes, its two souls living one life, for example a soul might take the body from its birth to the 20’s and then it will leave the body for another soul to take and that other soul continues to live the life of that body. For some of you this might seem like science fiction or unbelievable but if you are openminded you will realize that Earth is not our Home, Spirit World is. And As Michael Newton says “We are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spirits who are having human experiences”…

I hope this helped you understand a little bit of who we really are…Blessed Be!

Lust Spells

Those spells are also know as Sex Spells, beware those spells are not so you can force someone to have sex with you, its so you can attract a person who wants also to have sex, they are not going to force a specific person to have sex with you, any spell that does that falls under the law of Karma, and then you will get yours!

Some of you might ask me, “Why didn’t you put this under the Love Spells section?” well its simple, Sex Spells are not love spells, a sex spell is done so you can attract another person who also wants to have sex (not specific) and have sex with them, you will not fall in love with them. Thats why these spells get their own category…

The color for lust/sex spells is still red, it represents fire which stands for vitality, sex, energy.

You can also use a lust oil, you can make this by using a carrier oil such as castor oil, and adding essential oils associated with Aphrodite, if you do not have essentials oils and since they are kinda expensive, use dried herbs, just place them in the carrier oil and let them sit for 2-3 days…then you can anoint your candles, though you don’t have to use lust oil, everything is optional…

To Make A Man More Passionate Spell!
Write the man’s name on a red phallus-shaped candle and stroke it nine times with musk oil, and then pass it through the smoke of musk incense.
Light the candle once a day, and let it burn 1/2 an inch each time. When the candle is finished, wrap it in a red piece of satin, and keep it under your bed for one month. Thats it, he will be more passionate!

Attract A Lover to Suit You Spell!

You will need:
*One pen

*One piece of paper

*One fireproof bowl

*One lighter, matches or candle flame

Write on the paper all the qualities, be it mental,physical or both for the lover you want to attract (REMEMBER this is not a spell to attract a specific person!) When you have finished your list with qualities, read it aloud and let it fill you with happiness as if the love is already in your life.
Fold up the piece of paper and burn it throwing in on the fireproof bowl to burn safely. As it burns visualize gold,red and pink energies going to the universe with the smoke, and that those energies will find the person with these qualities and draw it to you (on their own free will). Relax and imagine yourself and him/her being being happy, being romantic and completely love each other and lust each other as if its happening now. Do this for 5-10 minutes. Take the bowl outside and throw the ashes around, visualizing again red,pink and gold energies going to the universe so they can find you, your perfect lover.

Your Life Sucks? Read It!


I didn’t want to write the title “Positive Thinking” because people immediatelly discard such articles, without even reading them, most of those people, will say “I’m unable to think positive, always something gets on my nerves”, well thinking positive, doesn’t mean that you won’t get pissed at something, it means that you will release this anger, remember anger, hate and everything negative ONLY affects you!

So what is this positive thinking they all talk about? most people believe that positive thinking is when you think and act all gigly and stupid, but thats not it! Thinking positive means that when you wake up the morning you feel good about it, you keep boredom away, at first it might not be easy, especially if you made a habit out of thinking negative all the time, when you step outside of your house, don’t rush, just stand for a minute, breath the air and the beautiful smells, hear the familiar sounds, natural or not, see your neighborhood, not just see it, see it! absorb every inch of the landscape around you.

If you find yourself on a negative situation, thats being cause by others, try to distant yourself from them, until their negativity has passed, or if they are constantly being negative, try to imagine yourself in a white ball of light, that protects you, it works! Also a Black Tourmaline would help a lot if you have negative people around you! and a very good way of protecting yourself while someone is negative around you or at you, interlock your fingers, that will protect your aura! Like the picture below!

The Finger Interlock Technique!

The Finger Interlock Technique!

If you find yourself getting mad with someone, because arguments always exist, breath deeply, and reply calmly, do not engage in your anger, in fact set an anger timer inside you, say “My anger will only last for 2 minutes, then I’m not allowed to be angry” if you do this for a month or so, your subconcious will register it as an order, and then automatically you will release your anger after 2 minutes!

Positive thinking is not about agree with everyone, its about feeling okay with everyone’s choices, you can make a stand for an opinion or a matter, and you can defend that stand, just do not engage in anger, defence isn’t always about being angry and showing it…sometimes defence can be an iron fist inside a velvet glove, be calm, think, breath, reply…thats all you need to do!

I was one of those, and somewhere I know that part of myself, is still there, but I choose to be calm, I choose to be positive, you can be one too, there is not a special type of people who can do this, ALL OF YOU can do this…

Your life will change because the universe replies to your vibrations, thinking positive will bring you positive situations and people!

Sweet Revenge Spells

Click the picture!

Click the picture!

I’m all about peace and love between us, but lets admit it, there are some times, were people don’t get it, and you need to teach them a lesson or two…even though these spells are not hexes or curses, they should be used wisely…

Prick Their Conscience Spell by Lauren White

They were unfair to you, you can prick their conscience with this spell!

This spell should be performed shortly before sunrise.

You will need:

*A long rose

*a tall green candle

*a sharp knife

Cut three thorns from the rose, carefully push these thorns into the candle wax (Be careful if you prick your finger then the spell will turn against you!)

Now light the candle and sprinkle a ring of petals around it, think your subject deeply as the candle burns down

as the candle reaches each thorn you can be sure your subject will question the wisdom of their decision to be unfair to you


Dragon Breath Spell by Lauren White

Someone won’t stop from telling lies for you? stop them with this spell!

You will need:

*Some sweets, candy or chocolates

*a clove of garlic

*a green candle

*a decorated bowl

By the light of the new moon, place the candy in the bowl on window ledge so that they are bathed in moonlight

light the candle and place it by the bowl, take the garlic and with it, draw an imaginary ring around the bowl and say out loud:

“May she/he who speaks evil, have breath to match”

snuff out the candle to “ground” the spell, offer a special garlic candy to your subject, and the effects will be immediate…a breath that no mouth wash will clean…




Mojo Bags (or Spell Pouches)

Mojo bags or spell pouches, are those spells we use to carry with us, its usually a pouch of course, which contains herbs,crystals and maybe a paper with our purpose…here are some mojo spells for you.

Love Mojo 

You will need:

*Red or Pink flannel pouch

*Catnip,Yarrow or Mugwort

*a heart-shaped dried peel of a lemon

*red or pink coral

*a clipping of your hair (or if you wish to attrack a specific person, a clipping of theirs, even though I don’t see how you can get your hands on their hair!)

*and any of the following roots of love magick: Adam and eve root, beth root, gingseng root, John the Conqueror root

now concecrate and charge the pouch and its ready, remember to anoint it with rose oil so it can renew its magick

You should wear it around your neck with a golden chain or a white string, if you used it for a particular person, try to chant their name often, and rub the bag everytime you see them, remember to keep them in your mind’s eye, while making this mojo bag.

WARNING:It will not force someone to love you, so don’t waste your time thinking this will make them love you, free will is free will…

Uncrossing/Hex-Breaking Mojo

To break the powers of any evil curse.

You will need:

*A red flannel pouch

*equal parts of: ague weed, dog rose, and five-finger grass

Seal the pouch,consecrate and charge it, and then carry it or wear it daily, be sure to make this mojo when the moon is in a waning phase.

Getting a Job Mojo

To help your chances of getting hired in a job.

You will need:

*A green flannel pouch

*gravel root

Fill the pouch with the gravel root when the moon is waxing and/or when its in the astrological sign of Virgo or Capricorn

Seal the pouch,  consecrate it and charge it, and then wear it on a belt or a necklace, or carry it in your pocket or purse every time you fill out an application for job

Protection Against Evil and Misfortune Mojo

*A Black flannel pouch

*handful of basil

*three cloves of garlic

*a triangular piece of white wax

*a drop of blood from your right thumb

When the moon is full, fill the pouch with a handful of basil and three cloves of garlic, write your full name and your birthdate upon a triangular piece of white wax, anoint it with a drop of blood from your right thumb (just a pin-prick, do not cut yourself!) and then place it inside the mojo pouch, seal the pouch, consecrate and charge it, and then carry it with you at all times, whenever you sense the presence of evil or feel that you are in danger, rub the mojo pouch and recite the following magickal incantation:

“For thine protection I now pray
let all evil turn away

protect me night

protect me day

and keep misfortune well at bay”

*Those Mojo spells are from “The Wicca Spellbook” by Gerina Dunwich, if you like them, buy the book you will find many many more useful spells and tips there…

My Previous Life



This post is mostly personal, but I wanted to share it with you, so remember what we said about previous lives in another post? that post of course was about spells and why might not work for you but in that post I made a reference as about how a previous life might affect the present one. 

I recently had a dream, that dream which wasn’t a dream, started with a huge blinding light, and a voice which I regognize as my spirit guide (in the dream) telling me “This is your previous life”, after that, I saw man, who I regognized him as myself, he was married to a woman, who was very submissive, I had 5-6 children, oh yeah thats a lot of kids, the thing is that I only cherised my two first kids, a boy and a girl, and I neglected the others, then that moved quickly at the end, were I was old and about to die, and only my two kids that I cherised looked after me…it was an intense dream, and it wasn’t a dream, because I woke up, remembering every little detail, dreams aren’t like that…this made me realize a lot of “misfortunes” I have faced in my life, I can see now that I was wrong back then, and I have to fix it now, in this life, so here we go, in this life, my father divorced my mother and married another woman, now he has a kid and completely ignore me, that used to hurt a lot, but since I dreamed my previous life, I realized that my father was probably one of my kids in that previous life, that I wasn’t giving a damn about, so I decided to be more flexible with him, I decided to reach to him, because that is what I should do…

My point here is that your lesson is in front of your eyes, see those misfortunes in your life, or those repeated situations you facing, that means something, search it, ask your guides to help you dream your previous life, ask them, as you would ask a friend, no need for special rituals, they can hear you and they will show you…

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