Wish Spells

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Nobody really knows when the “wishing well spells” begun, I think though that the fuel for a wish, its the energy you put, how much you need and desire what you ask for, anyway here are some wishing spells, I hope they will help you!

***WARNING: Always say/write your wish clearly, because magic works with the easiest possible way. State and write clearly your wish, if you wish for money say “I wish for this ammount of money without harming anyone or myself”, don’t get confused, a spell doesn’t have to be two words, so if your wish is long, just write/say it, clearly!

New Moon Wish Spell

On a night of New Moon, take a bay leaf and write your wish, then take it outside, look at the sky (where the moon is, but you cannot see it) and kiss the leaf three times, now sleep with this leaf under your pillow until your wish comes true…(a book says for this same spell, that if you see the bay leaf in your dreams then your wish will sure come to life)

Powerful Wish Spell

You need a piece of recycled paper (recycled notebook paper work’s fine). On the
paper, write a short poem or chant to the Goddess and God that states your wish.
It is alright if you aren’t the best poet on earth, but its very important that
you say exactly how you feel and what exactly you need. Do you best and say it
from the heart. Close the poem with thanks to the Goddess and God.

Fold it in half with the words inside it. Draw a triple goddess sign on the
outside. Now fold it in half again with the symbol on the inside. Draw a
pentacle on the paper. Finally, flip it over and write your name and birth date
on the other side. Put this aside in a safe place and your wish will come true
in due time. If you change your mind before it comes true, burn the paper and
put the ashes to the earth.

(credits to: Lady of the Earth Spells)

Simple Wish Chant

You may use this only three times in between the new moons.

While gazing at the moon, repeat the following:

Moon, moon, beautiful moon, brighter then any star
Goddess of light and love, Diana
If it might be, pray bring fortune unto me.

A sign that the spell worked would be coins doubling in the purse or pocket, or
seeing a hare before dawn. Note: the spell won’t work if done with evil intent.

(credits: Lady of the Earth Spells)

Writing Wish Spell

This spell, is from a member of the Everything Under The Moon Forums, it worked several times, but most of the times I had to NEED something, not DESIRE…

You write in a piece of paper this:

“Deities and Spirits above, and so below

I ask of you to bestowe upon me, that will I desire, I shall send it

through the fire”

Now under this spell, write your wish clearly and then burn the paper either in a candle flame and then tossing it in a cauldron to burn or better into a fireplace or something!

Water Wishing Spell!

This spell is from the member Kupid Loc also from the Everything Under The Moon Forums, I liked it since I saw it, so I hope Kupid Loc, doesn’t mind I share it to my website too!

Step 1 : Write out 3 wishes on a sheet of paper. When you’re done, put your full name at the bottom.Step 2 : Fold the paper 3 times.Step 3 : Now put the folded paper in any ocean, lake, stream, pond, wishing well, even down the toilet. Anywhere in water, as long as you will never see it again…

Now turn around and chant this 3 times,

“As my wishes sail in the blue,
Let the water make them come true”.

After doing this, try to avoid seeing the folded paper again, and your wishes shall come.

Plant Wish Spell

Take a piece of paper and write your wish, I would suggest a small paper, then take a nut and open it, take out the inner nut and place the paper inside, seal the nut with wax and bury it to a pot with a plant, as the plant grows so your wish will!

So those are the wish spells! Blessed Be!